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お肉の一心 -


"By appointment only"

~ F From July 1, 2022, "おにくの一心 is reserved, and customers who do not have a reservation may not be able to eat depending on the reservation status. We recommend that you make a reservation at least one day before 8 p.m. Japanese time.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

since 1985

welcome to happiness


Sukiyaki Shabushabu Restaurant  

Onikuno Isshin

Inherited taste and luxurious moments

2 minutes on foot from Yui Rail Kencho-mae Station
Established in 1985 "Onikuno Isshin"
Sukiyaki and shabu-shabu pot specialty store

Sukiyaki is made with high-quality Okinawan beef and pork.
You can enjoy it with its own cooking method and secret warishita.

Shabu-shabu is a slightly sweet, mild seafood broth.
is based on.
​It goes especially well with pork.

"The inherited taste and luxurious moment.
Just a 2-minute walk from Yui Rail Prefectural Office Station,
Established in 1985, "Oniku no Isshin"
Specializing in sukiyaki and shabu shabu hotpot.
For sukiyaki, enjoy the peace of mind and high-quality locally produced beef and pork
with Ichishin Meat Shop's unique cooking method and secret seasoning.
For Shabu Shabu, we finish with a slightly sweet and refreshing seafood taste.
Especially, it goes exceptionally well with pork."

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